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Ecole des Mines de Paris

A curated list of tech tutos to share and to refer back to.

More often than not, I find myself in the need of refering back to a good tutorial I read about a certain piece of tech. Sometimes it's for myself, sometimes it's to share to an intern or to go along a comment in a code review. But every time I look for the link. Hopefully that list will solve that.


The reader can refer back to guides as she sees fit. They might still be work in progress. They provide a structure for knowledge sharing around a couple areas:

  • Python software engineering
  • Work that happen in a Data Team
  • Machine Learning Engineering and Data Science
Tech Infra Team
Docs Data Stack Roles
Python AWS Code Review
Git Applied ML Research
SQL Project Management

Some nice reads don't fit into guides at this time, so I include them in "Others".

Start Here

Alongside reading those guides, I advise following those courses in order:



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Last update: 2022-06-26